1999. Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I would never wish to be born at a better time and place. The time, the city, the people around me- everything made sure I had to grind my way through whatever I earned. I had an amazing childhood thanks to a caring family. The pleasure of attending some of the finest schools (A.G. Church, St. Joseph, Mastermind) the country has to offer added to that.

How I got started as a freelancer

This is quite an interesting story. I became a freelancer by accident.

When I think I was around 13, I was researching how I could make money online. That is when I first came across oDesk (now known as Upwork). Of course, I couldn’t understand the gravity of it all back then and didn’t land a single gig I applied to. Fast forward to 2019, I was again looking for opportunities to make money. That is when I realized I should try out freelancing again. I managed to log into the same profile, made some changes, and started applying for gigs again. Miraculously, I got a response for a $5 gig the very next day. The client loved my work and hired me again. I didn’t look back ever since and scored multiple clients in the following weeks.

Around the end of 2019, I started writing for a gaming blog. One of my first articles there went insanely viral. Someone shared it on the League of Legends official subreddit racking in 2.5k+ upvotes and 99+ shares (Reached the site’s limit of counting the no. of shares). That is when I realized the niche I wanna go for. Being a gamer for as long as I remember, this was the perfect market for me. It really didn’t feel like work and I still made money off of it. It was also when I started learning SEO and quickly got addicted to it.

What I'm doing now

Staying true to what I do best, I do SEO for multiple esports blogs and websites. I’m also serving as an Advisor at Claxon Tournaments– an esports startup that has been hosting professional esports tournaments since 2017. On the side, I have dipped my feet into the world of investments- most notably stocks and digital collectibles. If you wanna check out my Upwork profile, feel free to.